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Allows you to quickly make high-quality thumbnails.You can convert from several formats to JPG
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27 September 2011

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High-quality thumbnails can be created by this application. STGThumb can convert from several formats to JPG. On movies one gets a thumbnail of the first frame. Auto rotation of images to create proper thumbnails is possible. HTML page and HTML slideshows with effects can be created.

Pros: The way everything is moving to the web, the need for creating thumbnails for a collection of photos is always present. The STGThumb application provides a easy way to create thumbnails of photos. The application can handle a range of formats and creates thumbnails in JPG. The input formats supported are AVI, JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, PSD etc.

One can create quality thumbnails for video files too. The formats supported are AVI and MPEG. Thumbnails are created out of the first frame of such videos.

There’s a range of effects possible to be applied to the thumbnails. These include Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Fuzzy Blur etc. HTML page and HTML Slide Show generation also are easy operations with this application.

The user interaction screen is very simple with very few controls. The process consists of specifying right files and then a click to complete the thumbnail creation.

Cons: None that was noticed.

Overall a nice application to fulfill a useful function in the web design process. The application uses a very simple, easy to use interface that is absolutely easy to figure out. Besides the help and flash movie support is good. The application rates a 4 star quality level.

Publisher's description

Allows you to quickly make high-quality thumbnails.Converts from several formats (AVI;JPG;TIF;PNG;BMP;PSD;etc). Outputs to JPG. On AVIs and MPEGs you get a thumbnail of the first frame. Option to auto-rotate images to get a better fit. Special effects on the thumbnails: Blur,Sharpen,Emboss, Fuzzy Blur. HTML page and HTML Slide Show generation.
Version 3.21
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